Prices for Docuware On-Premises Installation Only:
 DW PSERV DocuWare PROFESSIONAL Server  7,560.00
Each Organization requires separate Add-On Modules and Client Licenses.
 DW NCL 1 DocuWare Named Client License
Four (4) Named Client licenses can be converted to one (1) Concurrent license. Price per Named Client License.
 DW NCL RO DocuWare Web Client ReadOnly  20,835.00
 DW SC DocuWare Smart Connect  2,839.00
 DW C2OUTL DocuWare Connect to Outlook  2,839.00
 DW MOBIP DocuWare Mobile  1,752.00
 DW TMGR DocuWare Task Manager  5,652.00
 DW AIX2 DocuWare Autoindex  3,687.00
 DW WFMGR DocuWare Workflow Manager  14,081.00
 DW BCF DocuWare Barcode & Forms  5,652.00
DW IMP  DocuWare Import  2,839.00
 DW C2MAIL DocuWare Connect to Mail  2,839.00
 DW Intell DocuWare Intelligent Indexing  14,081.00
 DW Forms DocuWare Forms
Unlimited access to use published forms.
 DW C2MOSS DocuWare Connect to SharePoint  5,652.00
 DW C2Ricoh DocuWare Connect to Ricoh
Limited to supported devices
 DW C2Toshiba DocuWare Connect to Toshiba
Limited to supported devices
 DW C2Sharp DocuWare Connect to Sharp  1,752.00
 DW C2Xerox DocuWare Connect to Xerox  1,752.00
 DW C2SAP 2 DocuWare Connect to SAP Version 2
Enables the connection of DocuWare (Cloud) to an SAP ECC 6.0 or S/4HANA system for archiving documents and data via the SAP
ArchiveLink interface. In addition to the http protocol used in the standard, the SSL protocol is also supported for encrypted communication.
Connect to SAP Version 2 requires, in addition to a DocuWare Server license, as many Named Client licenses as SAP users have access to DocuWare file cabinets.
The license is IP-bound and valid for a three-level SAP ERP system for any number of clients.
PLEASE NOTE: Installation through DocuWare Professional Services only.
 DW C2SAP DI Document Indexing
Index and master data download for indexing documents in DocuWare with data from SAP
 DW C2SAP DL Document Link
For linking documents in DocuWare with SAP business objects, without barcodes and including the possibility to start workflows.r data download for indexing documents in DocuWare with data from SAP
 DW C2SAP DV Document Viewer
For displaying archived documents from SAP in the DocuWare Viewer.
 DW C2SAP AT Archive Transfer
For copying or moving documents from one file cabinet to another via the standard functions of the ArchiveLink.
 DW C2SAP IC Integrity Control
To check whether all documents that should be stored out of SAP were also stored.

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