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It is difficult to work from home when all of the paper and files are at the office.  CMC Imaging has total solutions to scan, organize and upload digital files that users can share from a library.  Call us for help (217)  525-5860

An office library is like any library, you have to be known to get in, check out and find documents. An office library has rules and standards that it works within.  An office library can be searched by more than the items names. Set index fields are created and used to cross reference content to other data points. Like a library there are other sources that can point to content in the library and work with the library.  Contact us for assistance.

With an office library, working from ANYWHERE is possible.

Working Example: IEPA merged the data, coordinates and the library of documents in one place.  It resulted in a map that allows the users to find EPA sites, click on the names of the site and get the documents associated with that site. Transparency at it's best and all most of all, everything existed it just had to be linked. Making data work for you.

Here is the homepage map
Search for a site of your own...

A single site that is found on the map

A list of the documents from that site. 

A document from that site. 

Join us in making the jump to Digital!
We made the jump...

Using our services to get you caught up! We can convert paper, film, and fiche to a digital image and store them for you in your library.  Easy to share, manage and secure.  Imagine all of your files easily backed up at another site, sharing files with those who need them instead of searching for them. 

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