It's a NEW millennium!

posted May 24, 2021, 9:44 AM by CP Williams   [ updated May 24, 2021, 9:45 AM ]

Microfilm and other analog-based media have made the promise to be there for 1000 years! 
The fine print of that reads, only if stored at the proper temp and humidity in the right boxes without fluctuations in temp and humidity.  
It was the best there was at the time microfilm was commonly used about 100 years ago but times change. 

Since its inception, microfilm has not lived up to our hope of lasting millennia.  Commonly it starts degrading within 30 years.  The strict levels of temperature and humidity are very difficult and expensive to maintain.  Archives around the world are dealing with degrading film, disintegrating film, and lack of access to equipment.  In short, microfilm is all but dead. 

Enter a NEW Millennium!
The M-Disc as it is commonly known as is made of an extremely stable material that does not oxidize, corrode, degrade for 1000 years.  It can be read in an inexpensive CD/DVD/BLURAY player rated for M-DISC (cost $80) that can be connected to many of the billions of computers used worldwide.  The cost for the media is very low as compared to films and at 17 cents per gigabyte or 40,000 pages of black and white business documents the cost is EXTREMELY less than microfilm @ 1.5 cents per image.  Add to the costs of storage, equipment to retrieve and manage and it is easy to see that the cost/benefit of microfilm has made it all but obsolete.

M-Disc has allowed for a new storage medium and with that will come new ways to use that media.  2000 brought us a new millennium, new technologies, new ways to connect and share and analog images such as microfilm no longer fit. 

Docuware Cloud, Redirect to the Configuration page freezes...

posted Dec 14, 2020, 1:24 PM by CP Williams

Cloud Redirect to the Configurations page gets stuck

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When trying to access the DocuWare configurations page in the Cloud, you receive the following message:

"You are being redirected to the application.  Please wait..."

but nothing happens and the message stays on the screen.


This is due to incorrect time settings on the user's PC. To resolve the issue go into your Windows "Date & Time" settings and choose the "Sync now" option to synchronize your clock to the correct local time:

Refresh your browser and accessing the configurations page should now be successful.

From Docuware KBA-36425  · DocuWare Support Portal

Copied to archive 12/14/2020

Teleforms is giving me an RLOCK What is wrong

posted Jun 12, 2020, 8:27 AM by CP Williams

If you are using Teleforms you know how rock solid it is but there is one error that is raised from time to time. RLOCK....
It is normally observed by the users who while working have the program lock up and not allow them back in.  They get an error that the License Manager is not running. 

You go to the machine running the license manager and read the Windwos ERror log and find that it has an  RLOCK error. 
and the service shuts down.  

You need to find the teleforms log. Which is C:\Users\All Users\Cardiff\TeleForm\
Find the log file with the most recent date scroll to the bottom of the tflicsvc-JBDOCUWARE_01.log
This log should show you the errors in MANY cases 
Look for the error JUST BEFORE the RLOCK errors started....THIS is probable the real culprit
In the last system it was 
06/02/2020 02:18:30 AM - Error:  Resource Checker - The directory \\servername\storagePATH\Teleform 10\bat where batch files are stored has insufficient free space (< 200 MB available)

Deleted some information from that location and it all started back up.

Docuware Web Client Settings Error 'ClientProtocolManagers are not specified'

posted Mar 5, 2020, 2:36 PM by CP Williams   [ updated Mar 5, 2020, 2:36 PM ]

WebClient Settings does not open but displays a message box that reads:

Error in login with token: ClientProtocolManagers are not specified


Fix try by  

Going to DocuWare and Modules directory.
Right Click the DocuWare.Settings.msi file then click on "repair". 

This SHOULD fix it but in rare cases there may be something wrong with the settings files.

The problem is NOT repairable by uninstalling and reinstalling the programs and settings because the actual settings are saved even when you uninstall. 

YOU MUST USE REPAIR to fix the issue, reinstall does not fix this issue.

The selected directory is already watched by another import configuration From Docuware Knowledgebase KBA-35847

posted Dec 30, 2019, 12:56 PM by CP Williams

This has been an issue that we have encountered a number of times. The above is the link to Docuware's answer and below is a combination of Docuware advice and our own. 

When attempting to create an import configuration in the DocuWare Desktop Apps, the following error occurs when you select the directory you want to monitor:
"The selected directory is already watched by another import configuration"


This error occurs if another DocuWare user or another Windows user already has an import configuration on the same client that uses the same directory.
There are several ways to fix this problem.
The simplest way would be to login as the Windows user / DocuWare user, which currently uses the directory, and to change the directory or even remove the hole import-configuration.

If the user login is not available and you are using Docuware 6.7 (and others before 6.10) we have used this technique to remove the issues.
We do not support this and only do this if you are capable of undoing your work if it does not work for you. :We only provide this as reference information and not as an approved solution.

If you are like most of my clients, the computer was being used by someone we will call user #1.

User #1 no longer uses this computer and it is given to User#2
User#2 tries to setup Import to pickup files from the same directory as User#1 and can not because of error. 
Assuming that User #1 is gone here is how we have gotten rid of the issue.

1: Login as an administrator to the PC.
2: Close Docuware Destop App(icon in corner) then STOP Docuware Desktop Services(task manager or administration\Services)
3: Open 
4: Create BACKUP directory
5: Move Everything in Secure Directory to BACKUP directory
6:  Open 
C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Jobs folder
7: Delete everything in this location including files and folders.
8: Restart Service and Restart App
9: Create New Import Job. 

From Docuware.
Another way to fix the problem is to edit the file "hotfolders.xml", where the import job configurations are saved.
To do so, please use the following steps:

  1. Stop the DocuWare Desktop Service and exit the DocuWare Desktop Apps.
  2. Locate the file "hotfolders.xml". This can be found up to DocuWare version 6.10 in the AppData directory of the "DocuWare Desktop Service" user:
    • %localappdata%\DocuWare\Desktop
    • C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop
    • C:\Windows\SysWOW64\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop
  3. Since DocuWare version 6.10, the "hotfolders.xml" is stored in the ProgramData directory:
    • C:\ProgramData\DocuWare\Desktop
  4. Open the "hotfolders.xml" in an editor and search for the directory you want to use. Specify a different directory:
    Entry before the change: <Hotfolder>C:\Import\Invoice\</Hotfolder>
    Entry after the change: <Hotfolder>C:\Import\Imvoice_old\</Hotfolder>
  5. Start the DocuWare Desktop Service and the DocuWare Desktop Apps.
  6. Now you can create a new import configuration with the desired directory.

I have a batch that is locked as 'Processing' in Alaris/Kodak Capture Pro

posted Dec 3, 2019, 9:22 AM by CP Williams   [ updated Dec 3, 2019, 9:22 AM ]

Batch Status never changes from "Processing" to "Complete"
Chances are the batch did not finish outputting the batch so there are a series of things to do 
1: Find the output bath and rename it to something inoxious like {BATCHNAME}.OLD
    Don't forget the batch index file usually {BATCHNAME}.TMP Change it as well

2: There is a location that where the images and data are stored DURING scanning and BEFORE output.  
    Commonly this is at C:\ScanPro\{JOB NAME}\{BATCHNAME}

3: There should be and 'INFO' file open this with notepad.exe

4: Find the batch.state=PROCESSING line ( should be around the fifth line)

5: Save the file and exit notepad

Refresh capture pro and re-output the file. 

Docuware Desktop wont Start and I see an Application error in the event log "...Found multiple X.509 certificates..."

posted Oct 9, 2019, 1:27 PM by CP Williams

This could be an issue were there are DUPLICATE local certificate locations stored on the PC you are working on. 
To get rid of this 

1: Run MMC.exe
2: Menu Item 'File\add Remove Snap (Ctrl+M)
3: On the left column select Certificates Click on ADD
4: Select Radio Button Item Computer account Click NEXt
   4a: Local Computer should already be selected.   
5: Click Finish then Click OK
6: Select Certificates Start with Personal\Certificates

The items on the RIGHT side of the screen should have a column 'Issued To'
You are looking for 2 different certificates that both are issued to the IP of the error most likely that is
IF there are 2 different certificates delete the one that is NOT Docuware Gmbh Local Authority

Restart Docuware desktop and it should work. If not see the error log and review the error again.

Docuware Web Client View Corrupted

posted Mar 4, 2019, 9:56 AM by CP Williams

Docuware webclient may look like a bunch of over lapping images and forms which is caused by a corrupted user setting.

Depending on whether the settings are stored in the local storage of the browser (by default) or in the database, there are different ways to solve this: 

  • If the user settings are stored in the local storage of the browser you can find the users settings on the server relative to the web server settings. Move the settings to a new location. Log the user in and it should reset to default.
  • If the user settings are stored in the database perform following steps:
    1. Create a backup of your DWSystem database
    2. Go to table DWSystem.DWUser and find the UID of the affected user. 
    3. Go to table DWSystem.DWUsersettings and delete all Rows with the UID of the affected user. 

Next time the user logs into web client, all settings are reset to default values.

Scanned image seems stuck.....

posted Feb 6, 2019, 12:47 PM by CP Williams   [ updated Feb 6, 2019, 12:48 PM ]

Docuware Desktop scanning sometimes you scan a record and the item seems stuck.....To remedy that try this:

1: Open file explorer and go the following location 


Normally that is C:\programdata\docuware\Desktop\DWScannerTemp

This is the temp location where the scan files are stored before they are uploaded to DocuWare.

2: Delete all the files in this location. 

3: Click the start button in Windows and type 'services'
     3a: Click on the app 

4: Find and 'DocuWare Desktop Service', right click the service and select Restart. 

You should now be able to re-scan your documents that failed. 

Sometimes AntiVirus software causes this issue.
You can include this directory as a location for Anti Virus exceptions.

My login changed and now my imports wont work, directory already watched by another import

posted Jan 31, 2019, 2:25 PM by CP Williams   [ updated Jan 31, 2019, 2:27 PM ]

This can be a very common error in a large enterprise network when you get moved from one domain to another. 
Docuware stores all of your information about your accounts in 2 places. The main location is relative to the username you login with. 
That means for every user who logs into that PC potentially could have Docuware settings specifically for that user. Lets explore that idea.
Docuwaer stores information about Docuware Desktop App and the connection background server  as follows:

1: Local to the PC in 
    If you understand XML then this is a good reference for all the users registered in Docuware and the apps they have installed. 
    Otherwise this is JUST a reference, Nothing more.

2: Local to the user in 
   in my case that is C:\Users\craig.ComMicrofilm\AppData\Local\DocuWare\Desktop\hotfolders.xml

When you are moved to a new domain you are technically a new user on your PC. 
 for Example:

When I first started our domain was 
so my user directory was 
I had an import that grabbed files from the C:\Pickup directory and moved them to my Inbox Tray in Docuware

But last week they changed the domain to 
Now my user directory is 
I want an import to grab files from the C:\Pickup directory and moved them to my Inbox Tray in Docuware
But Docuware keeps telling me that directory is already watched by another import. I do not have any other imports.
What is wrong?

Why the long story and What does that all mean?
The issue is that old login directories are still there so BOTH users still exist.
Because the RedDomain was created before you moved Docuware still thinks that import is alive.  
You probably did not delete it so it is still there.

You may need to have an administrator to do this but there is 2 ways to do this. 

1:  IF you can still login to the old domain do that. 
2:  Open the DWimports and DELETE all the importers you have running there.
3:  Now you can log out and login to the NEW Domain and it will allow you to build the new import.
  That is the easiest way IF you can login to the old domain.....


1: Right Click on the DocuWare Desktop Apps Icon and select Exit from the new menu.
2: Open Administrative Tools Services
    at enter 'services.msc'
3:Find the Service Named "DocuWare Desktop Service" Right Click the Service and Stop it.
4:Go to the OLD Domain users Docuware Desktop Directory 
     In the example above that would be 
5: Delete the 'hotfolders.xml'
6: Start the "DocuWare Desktop Service" Right Click the Service and Start.
    WAIT TO SEE THAT IT HAS STARTED If it does not try again....
7: Close the services window
8:Restart Docuware Desktop Apps (Usually under Windows Icon\Docuware
9: Right click the Icon when it pops back up and select import files and build the new import. 

Hope this helps you to understand the issue and how to resolve the issue.

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