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Docuware Desktop wont Start and I see an Application error in the event log "...Found multiple X.509 certificates..."

posted Oct 9, 2019, 1:27 PM by CP Williams
This could be an issue were there are DUPLICATE local certificate locations stored on the PC you are working on. 
To get rid of this 

1: Run MMC.exe
2: Menu Item 'File\add Remove Snap (Ctrl+M)
3: On the left column select Certificates Click on ADD
4: Select Radio Button Item Computer account Click NEXt
   4a: Local Computer should already be selected.   
5: Click Finish then Click OK
6: Select Certificates Start with Personal\Certificates

The items on the RIGHT side of the screen should have a column 'Issued To'
You are looking for 2 different certificates that both are issued to the IP of the error most likely that is
IF there are 2 different certificates delete the one that is NOT Docuware Gmbh Local Authority

Restart Docuware desktop and it should work. If not see the error log and review the error again.