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Docuware Trays can be a HEADACHE!

posted Jul 15, 2016, 9:03 AM by CP Williams
Docuware trays can be a headache!
Trays are the new online 'baskets' for those who remember the old thick client of Docuware. Baskets were really just subdirectories of images that Docuware would read and present to the users. It was a very simple concept and it was effective. 

Now TRAYS are like a file cabinet.  A tray has a database component and a storage area component. The 2 work together to for a tray.  Sounds great what's the problem? Every time you move something into the tray and then store it, it leaves behind the skeleton of empty subdirectories where those files were.  The more you store the more CRAP it leaves behind.

Newer versions of Docuware will cleanup this minutia of garbage but if you are running a version of software that does not you have an issue, lots and lots of empty subdirectories cluttering up your hard drives.

The second problem is who made the basket and who has rights to the basket.  In Docuware, anyone with rights can produce a tray, but, they do not have to give the admin team rights to it or even let them know it is there.  Now when you are trying to troubleshoot a tray that you did not create you have to figure out who owns the tray and get rights to it.  It is a major pain and one I do not recommend anyone else to have to endure, so in short, control the trays and the tray process.