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How much paper do I have?

posted Aug 20, 2014, 8:37 PM by CP Williams
When you start any conversion project you need to quantify what you have, what you will have and what you will keep. Short of out right counting every image you can estimate like this:

Count your file drawers, 1 foot boxes, 2 foot boxes and linear feet of paper.

For every 2 foot long bankers box or file drawer that is completely full add 4500 images If every page is 2 sided and you have to keep both sides then add 1500 more images for each box.

For every 1 foot long box or 1 foot of linear paper add 2400 images. If every page is 2 sided and you have to keep both sides add another 600 images per each.

That's is the starting number. From there: 
If the boxes are really stuffed add 5% more.
If there are no file folders or dividers add 5% more.
If the most common paper is not standard bond but thin copies or onion skin add 5% more.

If the boxes are really loose subtract 5%
If there are more than 50 file folders per foot subtract 5%
If everything is 1 sided only subtract 10%

This should be a solid conservative estimate....

6 file cabinets 5 drawers each
2 of the drawers half full
About 3,000 files all together
3000/30= 100 files per drawer or 50 per foot....
Average business paper some 2 sided 

30x 4,500 = 135,000 pages 

Now you might also wonder how much drive space this will take.
Average scanned business documents are scanned at a resolution of 200 dpi with a common size of 25k.
You can take 25k times 135,000 but hard drives take space for each file so to make it simple use this idea.
About 18,000 images fit on a CD.  CD's are 650 meg of space. 

(135,000/18,000)*650=4.8 gig 
Round it up to 5gig of space and you have a pretty good idea of what it will take to store the images.

Have any questions give us a call or drop us a line.  We will be happy to help estimate your volumes.