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Newsletter July 2015

posted Nov 16, 2015, 9:39 AM by CP Williams
5 Ways to Save Time with Document Management
It makes good business sense to take advantage of a document management (or enterprise content management) system that offers many efficiency gains; and because these systems are tightly integrated with the rest of your IT infrastructure, they have the potential to save time across your company.

Here are five ideas for saving valuable time with today’s document management systems:

1. Searching for documents: The average employee wastes 3.5 hours every week searching for documents that they ultimately fail to find, according to research by the IDC. With digital document management, time spent searching drops to seconds and you don’t need to worry about losing documents or remember how to find them again.

2. Increasing the speed of business processes: Whether you’re routing an invoice for approval, processing applications or managing revisions to a price book, these different projects can be managed with ECM as the process owners can see immediately where documents are held up and can take action accordingly; saving what IDC report as 4.3 hours per employee per week....
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DocuWare Earns High Grades from University Fund Raisers
Initial Situation: The University of Montana Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that works hand-in-hand with the University to increase philanthropic support and ensure continued excellence. The Foundation needed a better way to manage and share important...
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Hey, You, Get Onto My Cloud
Cloud computing is more cost effective than storing your documents and data locally in your office, and especially beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses. No longer are companies required to purchase hardware such as memory devices and servers, or operate and...
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Aligning IT with Business Strategy
Businesses today rely heavily upon IT functionality and support. Whether you maintain an in-house IT department or outsource all of your IT functions, it is vital that your IT resources align with your business goals so that you keep moving forward. Increasing...
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DocuWare Version 6.7
Improving the user experience continues to remain a top focus at DocuWare. Minimal training and quick user acceptance is the goal. DocuWare 6.7 features updates that include: running searches through multiple file cabinets, import of DocuWare Request containers, email ...
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