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November 2015 Newsletter

posted Nov 16, 2015, 9:26 AM by CP Williams
Tips for Tipping DMS User Adoption in Your Favor

When transitioning your organization to a new, high-efficiency Document Management Solution (DMS), it’s crucial to get user “buy-in” before the actual implementation. When you understand how user adoption works, you can plan for it so that it is appealing to your employees. Whatever advantages you anticipate, communicate these improvements from the employees' perspective.

1. Minimized indexing data entry. It’s all in the power of the fields. Your solution should automate key processes and reduce the chances for errors in document retrieval.

2. Greater control over security. Information that used to be open and easy to access can continue to be. But users should now have the flexibility to use heightened security on documents that would have normally been kept in a locked file.

3. Consistent work processes. Some of the procedures may be different, but the processes themselves should feel familiar. The new tools should help them work more productively and efficiently....

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DocuWare Expansion Gets a Positive Reaction
Requirements: Leading water test kit manufacturer AquaPhoenix Scientific creates customizable test kits with private labeling, packaging and test factors. The majority of their business is generated through custom orders, meaning each chemical in each test kit has custom...
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Is Your Data Protected?
Here are a few ways your business can protect its data: In-house Backup – Save your data on external hard drives or tape backup systems. Automatic backup software is affordable, and will periodically back up your files at regular intervals, eliminating manual backups,...
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Prepare Your IT Budget for Expected Growth
Like it or not, your company’s IT budget will likely increase. According to a recent survey of IT executives by the Public Technology Institute and Deltek, IT spending for 2016 will be higher than in 2015 for 44 percent of companies. Small and medium businesses (SMBs)...
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DocuWare Workflow Manager
Optimize document-based company processes by defining clear rules with DocuWare Workflow Manager. It works with a high-performance graphical user interface enabling you to easily create and edit workflows. No need to pay for programming, you can develop simple to highly ...
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November 2015
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